This is an additional service for the Ragnarok Online Private Server, the following list of packages that we provide:

Source AddOns Server:

No Jenis Add On Keterangan Price
1 Command AFK @afk is an additional command for players like autotrade, but this command can be used for all types of jobs without having to do vending IDR 75.000order-button-s
2 Command Autoattack @autoattack is a command player so characters can attack automatically when there are enemies around it. IDR 75.000order-button-s
3 Command Autopots @autopots is a command player that is used to do auto healing by using healing items. This command can also set the percentage of HP / SP to do healing IDR 75.000order-button-s
4 Extended Vending System A custom mod for vending, you can sell your item in Zeny or in Cash IDR 300.000order-button-s
5 Battleground System An additional feature for Battleground using Queue System and @joinbg with pop-up screen to join/leave battle and chose the side B/R without balancing team. BG mode: Kvm, Flavius, Tierra(Script, Src, Cmd) IDR 300.000order-button-s
6 Battleground System Expert An additional feature for Battleground using Queue System with commands @joinbg, @leavebg, @listenbg, @order, @reportafk, @bgskill without pop-up screen to join/leave battle with balancing Team. BG mode: Capture the Flag, Team Death Match, Conquest, Rush, Triple Inferno, Eye of Storm, Domination, Bossnia, Stone Control (Script, Src, Cmd, Client) Call Us.order-button-s
7 Update Server Source Update your ragnarok SVN server to the latest version, without changing the existing settings. IDR 300.000order-button-s
8 Upgrade Client Version Update your Client Version to be able to use new features that exist in the kRO IDR 250.000order-button-s
9 Add Official Features Add new features that are not yet available at Source rAthena:
– Refine UI System (Client ver. 2017 up)
– Patch update skill of Star Emperor class
– Patch update skill of Soul Reaper class
New Renewal Expand Level 185/65 (Red Aura) and Skill Update for kRO 2018.08.27
IDR 300.000/Fiturorder-button-s
10 Add Official Instances Add Official Instances to your Ragnarok private server, which is not available in the default Source/SVN. List Official Instances: Click Here IDR 150.000/Instanceorder-button-s

Add Custom Items:

100 Custom Items > IDR 100.000
200 Custom Items > IDR 200.000
300 Custom Items > IDR 300.000
400 Custom Items > IDR 400.000
500 Custom Items > IDR 500.000

Terms and conditions for Custom Items:
1. Custom items given can be less or more
2. Cannot choose custom items, all are given randomly
3. Custom items given do not have an effect or default
4. You understand how to edit descriptions and effects on custom items
5. Ownership of sprite custom items belongs to the manufacturer, not Idrocloud
6. If there is damage to the sprite it will be returned to the manufacturer