This is an additional service for the Ragnarok Private Server, the following list of packages that we provide:

Source AddOns Server:

No. AddOn List Information Price
1 Command AFK @afk is an additional command for players like autotrade, but this command can be used for all types of jobs without having to do vending IDR 75.000order-button-s
2 Command Autoattack @autoattack is a command player so characters can attack automatically when there are enemies around it. IDR 75.000order-button-s
3 Command Autopots @autopots is a command player that is used to do auto healing by using healing items. This command can also set the percentage of HP / SP to do healing IDR 75.000order-button-s
4 Extended Vending System A custom module for vending skill that you can sell your item in Zeny / Cash Point / Etc. IDR 300.000order-button-s
5 Battleground System Expert An additional feature for Battleground using Queue System with commands @joinbg, @leavebg, @listenbg, @order, @reportafk, @bgskill with balancing Team. Available BG Mode: Capture the Flag, Team Death Match, Conquest, Rush, Triple Inferno, Eye of Storm, Domination, Bossnia, Stone Control (Modified npc, src, db, conf, client) Call Us.order-button-s
6 Update Server Source Update your ragnarok server to the latest version, without changing the existing config. (No Extension Included) IDR 300.000order-button-s
8 Upgrade Client Version Upgrade your Client Version to be able using new features that exist in the kRO / Update your current client to make an improvement. IDR 250.000order-button-s
9 Official Features Add new features that are not yet available at rAthena Source:

– RefineUI System
– Lapine UI
– Upgrade to Client 2020
– Episode 17.1 Illusion (Include Monster, Quest, Instances, Dungeon)**

IDR 650.000/Featureorder-button-s
10 Official Instances Add Official Instances to your Ragnarok private server, which is not available in the default Source. List Official Instances: Click Here IDR 150.000/Instanceorder-button-s